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Message from John Thorpe

Upcoming Changes to The Delivery of Coaching Services from July 1st, 2023

I am pleased to announce an exciting new plan for the delivery of coaching services at Dalkeith Tennis Club.

After over 30 years of directing MastaStroke Tennis System and delivering a range of tennis coaching at Dalkeith Tennis Club, I approached the Dalkeith Tennis Club Committee regarding a succession plan for coaching services at our Club. A proposal to divide coaching services into two parts was presented involving a Talent Development Program and a Participation Tennis Program.

My expertise as a High Performance Coach will continue and I remain committed to Talent Development which is specific to my skill-set. We will continue to strive to maintain our national standard of excellence in Talent Development at Dalkeith Tennis Club.

The Participation Tennis Program will be offered to another provider with the objective to engage a Participation Tennis Program that has the required number and quality of resources to deliver an expanded suite of programs.

The Dalkeith Tennis Club has been very supportive of the proposal to expand coaching services at Dalkeith Tennis Club. It is exciting to announce that Dan Sewell and his company, Tennis Excellence has been appointed to work alongside me from July 1st, 2023. Dan was a former employee of MastaStroke Tennis from 2000 - 2005. Dan then went on to develop and direct Western Australia’s most comprehensive and successful Tennis Services business.

What Changes Will You See?

For those players involved in our Talent Development (and Performance Tennis) Program, there will be no change. Your coaching services provider will remain MastaStroke Tennis. I will continue to be the Senior Coach and will continue to be assisted by Lauren Nikoloski and Kevin Herbert.

For those players involved in all other Participation Tennis Programs, Tennis Excellence coaches will now be the coaches responsible for your tennis. These programs include, but not limited to, ANZ Hot Shots, School Holiday Clinics, Schools Tennis, Junior and Senior Tennis League training and Cardio-Tennis. I am pleased to announce that Matt Carle will continue in his role at Dalkeith Tennis Club and will be employed by Tennis Excellence from July 1st 2023.


I would like to thank the Dalkeith Tennis Club for their support throughout this process and for the unique level of support that they have offered me personally over the last 34 years. I have always been proud to be the Coach at Dalkeith Tennis Club. My role will be reduced from July 1st 2023, however I will have the opportunity to concentrate my efforts in Talent Development and strive for an international standard of excellence.

I would finally like to thank everyone that has walked through the door of MastaStroke Tennis over the last 34 years. You have all been special and important to me and I hope I have made a difference and fostered a love of our game.

Thank you,



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