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Hardcourt Resurfacing Project - ASF donations tax deductible.

If you donate to the Hardcourt Resurfacing Project using the Australian Sports Foundation, your donation is tax deductible.

If you wish to donate follow this link: DONATE HERE !!!

For more information on the Australian Sports Foundation see below:

The Australian Sports Foundation was established by the Federal Government in 1986 with the mission to raise money for Australian sport by providing tax deductibility for donations made to projects signed up with the ASF. DTC is an ASF registered project. Funds donated via the ASF are made available to the Club less a transaction cost of 5 to 6%. Follow this link to find out more about the ASF

Through the ASF, sports clubs can set up projects to raise funds for anything they need to develop their sport or achieve success in their sport. This can include:

  • Equipment

  • New facilities and facility upgrades

  • High performance programmes

  • Capital funds

  • Coaching

  • Training programmes

  • Travel costs

  • Sports science and nutrition

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